An Animated Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) as a Pseudo Random Pattern Generator in Excel 2003 – Part#3

This is the third part of a tutorial (1, 2, self) describing the creation of an animated Pseudo Random Number Generator model as a Fibonacci type Linear Feedback Shift Register in MS Excel 2003. This section charts the pseudo random series after converting it from binary 14-bit numbers into decimal numbers scaled within the interval [0,1). A correlation chart is then created, displaying the first half of the series function of the second half, with a small adjustable offset (between -200, and 200). Two simple macros are used, one for the manual offset adjustment and one for the animated offset adjustment. Changing the offset (either manually or using the animated macro) one can notice various not-so-random patterns for certain offset values.


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  1. Hi Theo, They are both easy to simulate and if you go back you can find a series of tutorials (search the word heat). The problem with 3D (which is done just like 2D is the visualization. Excel is not powerful enough for this type of visualization. Simulating 3D heat transfer is no problem though. George

  2. Hello George,
    Thanks for sharing all this amizing stuff with us. I would like to ask you how can i stimulate 2 or 3 dimensional heat transfer using excel? Thanks

  3. Log charts are standard options in Excel. Just click and format the axes and in the menu there is a log/lin option.

  4. I wold like to learn or known how to do logarithmic or semi logarithmic graph in excel?

  5. Thanks Menezes!

  6. Hello,
    Thanks once again for this amazing sharing of ideas.
    How wold like to learn or known how to do logarithmic or semi logarithmic graph in excel?

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