Animated Asynchronous Electric Motor Model in Excel

This is an animation of an asynchronous electric motor in Microsoft Excel. You can download the model by clicking on the icon below and try to run it.

Asynchronous Electric Motor Simulation
Asynchronous Electric Motor Simulation

What is an electric motor and how does an electric motor work?

An electric motor is part of a larger class of devices known as electric machines. In order to define an electric motor we need to first answer the question, what is electrical induction .

Electromagnetic induction is the production of an electromotive force (emf) in a conductor as a result of a changing magnetic field about the conductor. An electric motor is therefore an electro-mechanical energy converter that uses electromagnetic forces to turn electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Which is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous motors? – DC motor versus AC motor comparison

A DC motor works in the same principle as an AC motor, with a mechanism to allow it to rotate even if the supply is not alternating. Regular motors work because the direction of current reverses (alternates) every half cycle, rendering the armature to rotate.

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