TRANSPOSE() & MMULT() – two important Excel spreadsheet functions for matrix manipulations


This is a tutorial introducing two important matrix manipulation spreadsheet functions in Excel: the matrix transposition function TRANSPOSE() and the matrix multiplication function MMULT(). These functions are a bit harder to use than the regular spreadsheet functions in the sense that the result is a matrix and a matrix cell range is treated by the program as a unity (you cannot change the formula since you cannot operate on a single cell). There are some…


A 2D Random Walk Animation Tutorial


This tutorial explains how to build two animated random walk models, one where the particle is confined to square grid and one where the particle is free to step in any direction. The first model is adequate for modeling particle movement in solids while the second is more fit for modeling particle diffusion motion in fluids. [sociallocker][/sociallocker]


Animated Heat Transfer Modeling for the Average Joe – part #2


This is a continuation of the first part of the beginner series of tutorials in heat transfer modeling. The first part introduced the reader to the concept of heat capacity (being analogous to the electrical capacity).  This section continues with the concept of heat conductance which is analogous to the electrical conductance.  Ohm’s law applies.  Toward the end, the principle of using both concepts together (heat storage and heat conduction)…


How to Model a Frequency Modulated (FM) Signal – an insight


Both frequency and phase modulation are important not only in electronics but also in science and physics in general. It seems like a trivial chore but when I first tried to model such a signal some time back I hit a hard wall. Our minds easily understand kinematics concepts such as coordinate, speed, acceleration and the relations between them in real life situations, but phase, frequency and angular acceleration are…


How to make a game of PONG in Excel – part #7


This section of the tutorial explains how to add sounds to the Pong game created previously. There are four types of sound effects: collision with the walls, collision with the bats, missed ball by the player (crowd laughter) and missed ball by the virtual opponent (crowd applause). [sociallocker][/sociallocker]


Playing Sounds in Excel Using VBA – part #2


This section explains how to create a compound sound effect from elementary sounds. In the first example (two macros), the sound is played in a loop which is a native internal loop within the “PlaySound” function (using the flag option: SND_LOOP = &H8). A second function (the “Beep” function) creates a tone generator with adjustable frequency and play time. The Beep function is also used in a fourth macro, creating a sound which goes…