Flight Simulator Tutorial #7 – upgrading the joystick chart, adding a reset button and a throttle scroll bar

This section displays the landscape on a 2D scatter chart and also upgrades the joystick chart by adding a dial behind the joystick image. This technique of using a stack of a back chart to display dial sprites and a front chart with transparent background to display various control devices, indicator needles and text will extensivly be used in this and future models.


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  1. I corrected it and now it’s visible. I usually verify everything before and after posting but now I missed it. Thanks for the notice, George

  2. Sorry I think I did not make my point here. What I was trying to say is that when I click the “pdf file” button, it sends me to tutorial #6 instead of #7. It is only necessary to change the number in the address bar to see it (perhaps this only happens to me). In any case the link is the only thing that is not working correctly.

  3. I don’t see anything major but when I find spelling mistakes or I don’t like something I upgrade. Usually when there is a major formula or something deeper than a spelling error I add a note in red. Anyway just use the new one. Nothing here is guaranteed to be right especially since I am going quite fast with these tutorials. If you find something wrong please let me know. George

  4. Hey George, I’ve noticed that you uploaded the pdf file for tutorial #6 here again, instead of #7. I wonder if you could change the file.

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