How to Model a Frequency Modulated (FM) Signal – an insight

Both frequency and phase modulation are important not only in electronics but also in science and physics in general. It seems like a trivial chore but when I first tried to model such a signal some time back I hit a hard wall. Our minds easily understand kinematics concepts such as coordinate, speed, acceleration and the relations between them in real life situations, but phase, frequency and angular acceleration are not so intuitive. I will use a simple analogy to show that modeling an FM wave is a bit delicate but by no means a difficult process for the one who understands it.


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  1. I dream of things then I find you have modeled it. You are awesome!

  2. Russ, I really meant it would be easy to do, but I don’t have one yet.

  3. Easy? Must be nice to understand, I’m slowing getting there. I re-downloaded (is that a word?) the FM tutorial, didn’t see any AM info. Did a search and did not see any info. either. Looked at PLL part 2,3 and didn’t see it or recognize it. Where is the AM file?

  4. Russel, AM is easy. Thanks for the suggestion. I have it add it. George

  5. Hello, great work on the FM. Is there one for AM?

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