Spectral Analysis – a Fourier transform tutorial – part #1

This is a basic tutorial about implementation of a standard Fourier transform model in Excel. It is not an introduction to Fourier analyis. You could choose to familiarize yourself with the subject before proceeding with this tutorial. Solving a few Fourier transform excersises would be of help too. Essentially, this part shows you how to adapt the general Fourier formula for a continuous real signal to a sampled signal having a limited number of samples.

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  1. Sir ,
    I am doing the FFT of time vs velocity,which is having sampling rate of 1000 Hz and no of samples are 1024 every time i am getting the maximum power at zero frequency.I am feeling there is something wrong going please help me in this regard.

  2. Mir, I am to point now where I am to busy to make all these videos you reffer to. Sorry.

  3. Sir so interesting work in excel can we get step by step videos of the tutorials Please tell me

  4. Thanks for the comment RoGeorge. Actually I am rather concerned with the practical implementation than with the theoretical derivation. Numai bine, George

  5. This is the most concise, clear and intuitive representation I ever encountered until now and it elevated my understanding at a whole new level.
    After seeing this 6 slides, somebody could never possibly forget what FT is all about.


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