This is the final part of the anaglyph stereoscopy tutorial. This part deals with the prectical implementation of the concepts and formulas discussed before to create a 3D cube. You need 3D glasses to notice the stereoscopic effect. The PDF erroneously claims this is part #3 of the tutorial, whereas this is actually part #4 (it’s a typo in theContinue Reading

This section of the tutorial gives few more real lifeĀ applications of the stereoscopic vision and also derives the stereoscopicĀ 3D-2D perspective conversion formulas. These formulas are based on the approximation that the that both right and left eyes observe the same v-coordinate. Excel anaglyph stereoscopy #3 – 3D-2D perspective conversion formulas by George Lungu – While the previous section introduced theContinue Reading

This tutorial explains the basic principles of creating and displaying anaglyph pictures. Excel anaglyph stereoscopy #2 – how to split the image by George Lungu – The previous section showed an improvement in the practical implementation of spreadsheet multiplication, namely based on the associativity of matrix multiplication the three elementary rotation matrices were combined in a composite rotation matrix whichContinue Reading