Longitudinal Aircraft Dynamics #4 – virtual aircraft definition

May 27, 2011

This section of the tutorial explains how to create the  2D aircraft components for the animated longitudinal stability model. The first part deals with extracting the x-y coordinates for the fuselage, canopy, vertical stabilizer and rudder. The second part handles the main wing airfoil and the horizontal stabilizer airfoil. All thses parts will be put together in the next section.


Easy Zoom – Chart Axis Scaling Using VBA

February 15, 2011

In certain models we need to be able to change the scale of the chart axes function of the result of a simulation. Excel charts do have auto-scaling as a default option but sometimes the scaling values we get are not what we need. Another reason against using auto-scaling is that during the time the model runs, the scale self-adjusts and it gives an ever changing, distorted view of the results….


Day and Night Over the Atlantic – an example of sprite animation

December 22, 2010

Hi guys, here is an animation I made yesterday by downloading 120 pictures of the Earth taken 12 minutes apart by satelites above the equator at 30 degrees longitude west on 10/01/2010. The pictures are 500 x 500 pixels and they are pasted as a background of a chart by a slimmed down VBA macro. You can change the speed of the model. The time increment is fixed however at 12 minutes…


Roller Coaster

September 20, 2010

A roller coaster in Exel 2003 in 3-dimension (perspective view). To start de ride after download, click the little sun icon in the NE corner of the chart. Most of the calculations are done in the spreadsheet with very little VBA as a “glue”. The display is created on a plain 2D scatter plot.