How to make a realistic looking digital clock in MS Excel – Part #4 – (create a clock face layout – PowerPoint design)


This is the fourth part of a series of tutorials explaining how to create a realistic clock in MS Excel using free form sprites. The sprites are created in PowerPoint and imported in Excel as images. This part (part #4) deals with planning the clock face layout. The clock face is being created in PowerPoint out of MS objects (grouped collection of shapes). These objects are the digits (the clock…


A minigun animation in MS Office – (work in progress)


This ia a preview of a minigun animation, that I developed in MS Office. This animated model could be used in future Excel games. I created the graphics in PowerPoint while the animation is being run 100% by VBA code. Join our group to find out more:


A Virtual Joystick – How Can You Make That ? – tutorial


Hello everybody, this is a tutorial in which a virtual  Excel joystick controlled by mouse movements on a scatter chart has been demonstrated . While in operation, a macro updates the coordinates of the pointer in two spreadsheet cells. The two coordinates are then incorporated in formulas which limit the range of motion of the joystick. Just like a real device the stick head movement is confined within a square (with a side…


Digital Clock Model – an Excel 2007 adaptation


Hello!  Due to some incompatibility, I re-adjusted the old digital clock for the 2007 version of Excel. In Excel 2003 or earlier if you click on a chart point twice (with a certain delay between clicks) you can paste a picture and have the data point actually convert into that picture. In 2007 the same trick works but somehow the picture expands by something like 20%, which makes a lot of…


Game of PONG #2


Hi there, this is a better version of Pong, in which you play with a virtual opponent. It does not have a score board yet and the opponent is theoretically unbeatable. I will be improving it further. Excel 2007 is quite slow on this one. In order to get maximum speed out of Excel 2007 make sure you zoom in as much as possible so only the chart and no calculation is visible while you…


Game of Pong #1 – a dynamic training box with sound effects


Hi folks, this is a “practice box” for pong. The green button will “Start-Stop” the model and will also link the mouse to the bat (racket) for game control . The bat control is very smooth and quick and no mouse clicking is necessary. The red “Serve” button will shoot a new ball when you loose the old one (you don’t need to stop the model while re-serving).  You can adjust the “bat size”, “stroke”…


A Realistic Looking Digital Clock Model


Hi guys, here is a dynamic digital clock model in Excel I made today. The display looks very realistic. I studied for this all the clocks in the house including the stove, microwave oven and washing machine clocks, plus some pictures on Google. It will display your local computer time. It uses “sprites” as a method of creating the digits. I learned a lot while making it and I need to prepare a…


Time in VBA Part#1 – Japanese Clocks


Hi guys, here is a simple file with a bunch of clocks. The code is very basic and the whole workbook is fully open so you can see how it’s done. All the spread sheet calculations are contained in the upper left corner and the VBA code is just few lines long. Click the “Run-Pause Clock” button to start or pause the VBA clocks. All the of them will display your local…


A Game of Tetris in Excel


Hi there, this is a Tetris game I made in Excel  two years back. To start or to pause, click the yellow “sun” icon in the upper right corner of the chart. You can adjust the game level on the top side of the chart and also change the landscape by clicking “Landscape” on the bottom right. The landscape will advance every time you score but the score will not…