The Melting Snow Castle – a diffusion model application


This is an application to the previously derived 2D diffusion (heat transfer) model. The snow melting process is very similar to diffusion or heat transfer. Just open the model and hit “Start-Pause” to see for yourself. It is a 2003 model or earlier. I wasn’t able to run it in 2007 with animation but I’ve got some friends who managed to run it with no problem (except speed). The graphics is very…


A Basic 2D Animated Heat Transfer Model (a diffusion model too)


Here is a basic 2D heat transfer model. The first  five worksheets model square plates of 30 x 30 elements. The last worksheet is the model of a 50 x 50 plate. You can modify the initial temperature by hand within the range C21:AF240. It is also a diffusion model. It uses the storage and transport equations derived in the previous tutorials. The temperature calculations are done all  with a single repetitive…


A One-Dimensional Dynamic Heat Transfer Model – a diffusion model


Hi guys, Here is a 1D dynamic model I built today simulating heat transfer in a 21-segment bar. Just click on the orange “Demo” button for a quick demo. Hitting “Reset” sets the 21 segments of the bar to the initial conditions which is a fully customizable initial temperature map. Clicking “Start/Pause” starts the simulation and you can watch the bar temperature profile slowly settling to equilibrium. I recommend you leave the simulation…