A minigun animation in MS Office – (work in progress)


This ia a preview of a minigun animation, that I developed in MS Office. This animated model could be used in future Excel games. I created the graphics in PowerPoint while the animation is being run 100% by VBA code. Join our group to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/groups/excelunusual/


Casual Introduction to Numerical Methods – spring-mass-damper system model – part#5


In this tutorial, most of the calculations for the numerical simulation a SMD (spring-mas-damper) system will be consolidated into a single formula, the coordinate formula. In this case, in order to calculate the coordinate at the end of a any time step, we will need just the coordinates from the previous two time steps and of course the input parameters (constants). These input parameters are: mass, damping ratio, spring constant and time…


Casual Introduction to Numerical Methods – a spring-mass-damper system model – part#3


Here is the third part of a tutorial in both elementary dynamics and numerical methods. It is written at a basic level and it shows you how to set up a dynamic model for numerical solving of simple differential equations.   The dynamic model makes use of an infinite loop, which make the calculations advance in time. Instead of a large table with formulas, this time we have a small number of…