A Game of Tetris in Excel


Hi there, this is a Tetris game I made in Excel  two years back. To start or to pause, click the yellow “sun” icon in the upper right corner of the chart. You can adjust the game level on the top side of the chart and also change the landscape by clicking “Landscape” on the bottom right. The landscape will advance every time you score but the score will not…


Dynamic Macros #1


Hi everybody, Today we’ll talk about dynamic macros very useful in engineering modeling, scientific modeling, games etc. Dynamic macros are created using two different type of loops: “For” and “Do”. – Two different but equivalent conditional “Do” loops are explored. – It is shown that macros can be assigned to drawing shapes, pictures, graph, etc. – A highly valuable Run/Pause macro is described and implemented. The reader must pay close attention…


Static VBA Macros


Most parameters used in animations or physical models are changed by buttons called “spin buttons”. Excel is a spreadsheet but behind the table there is a engine used to automate certain spreadsheet functions. This engine can be programmed in a language with a very easy syntax called Visual Basic for Applications, in short VBA. VBA is a very convenient feature in Excel and it can be used almost without any…