How to make a game of PONG in Excel – part #7


This section of the tutorial explains how to add sounds to the Pong game created previously. There are four types of sound effects: collision with the walls, collision with the bats, missed ball by the player (crowd laughter) and missed ball by the virtual opponent (crowd applause).


How to make a game of PONG in Excel – part #6


In the previous section a special ball return formula was implemented. Bat #1 was assigned the y-coordinate of the ball and in this way a very simple opponent algorithm was implemented. The problem with this algorithm is that by having Bat #1 perfectly tracking the ball, the opponent was unbeatable. This section shows how to add adjustable skill levels to the virtual pong opponent.


Game of PONG #2


Hi there, this is a better version of Pong, in which you play with a virtual opponent. It does not have a score board yet and the opponent is theoretically unbeatable. I will be improving it further. Excel 2007 is quite slow on this one. In order to get maximum speed out of Excel 2007 make sure you zoom in as much as possible so only the chart and no calculation is visible while you…


Game of Pong #1 – a dynamic training box with sound effects


Hi folks, this is a “practice box” for pong. The green button will “Start-Stop” the model and will also link the mouse to the bat (racket) for game control . The bat control is very smooth and quick and no mouse clicking is necessary. The red “Serve” button will shoot a new ball when you loose the old one (you don’t need to stop the model while re-serving).  You can adjust the “bat size”, “stroke”…