How to Model a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) in Excel – part#4


This last section of introductory PLL modeling shows how to upgrade the model with  adjustable scale charts for three voltage signals within the loop. The model also shows how to create a Lissajous based phase display. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] How to Model a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) in Excel – part #4 Out_LF In R -This is the continuation of part #2 of X the PLL tutorial. The previous part described the implementation of the…


How to Model a Frequency Modulated (FM) Signal – an insight


Both frequency and phase modulation are important not only in electronics but also in science and physics in general. It seems like a trivial chore but when I first tried to model such a signal some time back I hit a hard wall. Our minds easily understand kinematics concepts such as coordinate, speed, acceleration and the relations between them in real life situations, but phase, frequency and angular acceleration are…