Writing Excel User Defined Functions in VBA – part #2 – time stamping, concatenating date and text while maintaining the date format


Hi Folks, there are many available built-in spreadsheet functions in Excel. Ocasionaly one might need to write a special custom function. This second short tutorial is an introduction to that.  Creating a “Time Stamp” function is presented as a first example after which a concatenation function between a custom formatted date and a string (text) is introduced. This last function came about from a question I was asked by a finance person at…


Digital Clock Model – an Excel 2007 adaptation


Hello!  Due to some incompatibility, I re-adjusted the old digital clock for the 2007 version of Excel. In Excel 2003 or earlier if you click on a chart point twice (with a certain delay between clicks) you can paste a picture and have the data point actually convert into that picture. In 2007 the same trick works but somehow the picture expands by something like 20%, which makes a lot of…


A Realistic Looking Digital Clock Model


Hi guys, here is a dynamic digital clock model in Excel I made today. The display looks very realistic. I studied for this all the clocks in the house including the stove, microwave oven and washing machine clocks, plus some pictures on Google. It will display your local computer time. It uses “sprites” as a method of creating the digits. I learned a lot while making it and I need to prepare a…


Time in VBA Part#1 – Japanese Clocks


Hi guys, here is a simple file with a bunch of clocks. The code is very basic and the whole workbook is fully open so you can see how it’s done. All the spread sheet calculations are contained in the upper left corner and the VBA code is just few lines long. Click the “Run-Pause Clock” button to start or pause the VBA clocks. All the of them will display your local…