This is an improved version of the Aeroscope – the “Aeroscope_4”. It runs about 50% faster. If you start the model by clicking the green “Fly_by_settings” button you can fly hands-free and adjust parameters during the flight. You can at any time click the red dot in the center of the chart and start the joystick macro, which means thatContinue Reading

This is an upgraded version of the aeroscope. Besides improving of certain aspects of the old version, this version has both the main wing and the horizontal stabilizer controlled by a virtual joystick (presented on this blog before and used extensively). The horizontal movement of the joystick controls the angle of attack of the main wing and the vertical movementContinue Reading

This is the “Aeroscope”, an oscilloscope style 2D dynamic flight simulator. It uses a the glider model designed in the previous tutorial. The glider is fully adjustable so you can change different parameters during the flight. Just hit “Run_pause” and the model will start. Reset it using the red button whenever you wish or whenever it breaks the convergence. ForContinue Reading

This section updates an angle formula so that the virtual glider can now perform both backward and forward loops, as well as inverted flight. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Longitudinal Aircraft Dynamics #11- 360 full coverage – loops by George Lungu – This section fixes an angle issue so that the virtual aircraft will now be able to perform both backward and forward loops. UpgradingContinue Reading

This section of the turorial finalizes the main dynamics calculations and implements the numerical method for approximating the glider trajectory. At this point, the model is already functional but with a crude interface. [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Longitudinal Aircraft Dynamics #10- the numerical method by George Lungu – This section deals worksheet implementation of the numerical setup for a dynamic modeling of the flight. TheContinue Reading