Static VBA Macros

Most parameters used in animations or physical models are changed by buttons called “spin buttons”. Excel is a spreadsheet but behind the table there is a engine used to automate certain spreadsheet functions. This engine can be programmed in a language with a very easy syntax called Visual Basic for Applications, in short VBA. VBA is a very convenient feature in Excel and it can be used almost without any background.
VBA must be used sparingly since it’s a slow animal. Large calculations are better to be performed in the spreadsheet itself. VBA should be used as a “bond” between various functions of the spreadsheet or a “clock” (similar to a processor clock) to animate calculations. This tutorial will introduce the reader to the use of the spin button and its associated VBA code.


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  1. George,

    This was wonderful start for me . I will keep going on

  2. You are welcome, Francisco. Don’t forget for each hour you read my stuff put 10 or 100 hours of your work. Otherwise it’s just like school, namely you won’t learn much. Try, with this stuff to do something original. Do not rush. George
    PS give me 3 weeks for the 3D, I have some other priorities.

  3. Hi, George.

    I want to thank you again for this Excell teaching.
    You really open my our eyes with the engineering applications we can
    do in Excell.

    Will you post the Wireframe in 3D (xyz) any soon?. I learn more when I download and read your PDF teaching.

    Thank you again

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