Basic 3D-2D (Perspective) Visualization

The first two worksheets of this Excel workbook illustrate the creation and display of a rectangle by using a 2D scatter plot. They also show how to adjust its size, translate and rotate it. In the third worksheet a wire-frame cube is created. 3D-2D persective calculations are done. The cube can be zoomed and it can also be rotated in azimuth and altitude using simple macros.


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  1. I am linking to this blog post and using your demo as a reference. If you would like me to remove the link please message me back and let me know.

    Great post by the way!

  2. George,
    Do you have an updated version of this that works on Excel2010? I have enabled the macros but none of the buttons work.
    Also, do you have a link to the theory that would tell me what alpha, beta, A & B are in the equations?


  3. hi George!

    mi trabajo tiene similitudes al tuyo, en el sentido de los objetos que se encuentran atrás o adelante

    Saludos! Vorwärts!

    Congratulations for you Blog!

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