Brownian Motion Animation – a 2D random walk diffusion tutorial

This is a tutorial about the creation of an animated diffusion model based on the random walk principle. There are two different models, one based on a lattice style diffusion (the particles can move in a series of steps of a fixed distance, but only in multiples of a 90 degree angles: 0, 90, 180, 270) and one based on a fluid style diffusion in which the particles can move along any angle yet they can move a fixed distance for any step.


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  1. Thanks for the correction JS. Unfortunately my originals burned in the great Colorado fire in June with all he house and I don’t have the time to redo the whole presentation. All the best! George

  2. Hi nice model – hours of fun, Reading your tutorial with expressions for the density function – have you not slipped an extra factor of 2 into the spreadsheet densitry calculation that ought not to be there? Apologies if I’ve not followed the plot too well.

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