Roller Coaster

A roller coaster in Exel 2003 in 3-dimension (perspective view). To start de ride after download, click the little sun icon in the NE corner of the chart. Most of the calculations are done in the spreadsheet with very little VBA as a “glue”. The display is created on a plain 2D scatter plot.


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  1. Another great example. I’ll definitely be demoing this to my students.

  2. I like this one thanks for sharing I really amaze

  3. I am planning to post lots of models for the next few years. About each third or fourth one should be a game.

  4. Absolutely I was planning for that. I need to finish the flight simulator then do some geometrical optics (telescopes) and perhaps a brief intro into neural networks. After that I promise to make a 7-part series into how to build a roller coaster. Actually it will be very similar to the flight simulator. Cheers, George

  5. Will you ever post a tutorial on how to make a roller coaster?, BTW your work is awesome, and quite inspiring.

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  7. Thanks Pedro for the kind encouragement. Of course there are no genii anywhere here just geeks maybe. I appreciate any suggestion regarding the blog structure or template used, content, etc.

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