Playing Sounds in Excel Using VBA – part #1

This tutorial is an introduction to VBA sound playing macros in Excel. The sound effects can be used in various scientific and engineering models or in games. It first shows the general syntax of a sound playing macro and few sources of downloading free .wav sound files. The first demo macro plays a short sound a single time and the second macro plays a series of three sounds. In order to demonstrate the wrong use of “PlaySound” function options, a third macro is created for playing the same series of three sounds but it is deliberately using the wrong option (async instead of sync). This way only the last sound (three) is heard. The attachment is a ZIP archive containing sound files so it needs to be saved and dearchived before the sounds can be played.


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  1. Sorry Chuck, I am finishing both of them today. George

  2. I think your link:”Playing Sounds in Excel Using VBA-Part#1 or #2″ might be miss directed. I get this web page in which a reply is required. Is that page still under construction?

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